From bump to baby, this little one seems to have made the transition quite nicely. Coming into this world at over 9 lbs – she is one of the cutest baby’s we have every seen! Congratulations to the new Mommy & Daddy.

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9 thoughts on “Elsa

  1. This is beautiful, thank you for capturing our angel!!!!

  2. Oh how DARLING! I love the yawn… such great pictures of her only 4 days old!!! Nice job.

  3. Elsa couldn’t be cuter! I think she has your eyes AnnMarie. Thanks for sharing!

  4. How beautiful the baby is; how exciting to know that another child has come to love and be loved. You guys do great work (I am speaking here to the parents!!!!) Photography and music is also great; I am so proud of all of you. Phil

  5. Love Love Love the pictures!
    Such a little “Angel” I love her so much. She is absolutely Beautiful!
    You and Greg are such wonderful loving parents.

    Blessings and Love “Mom” “Mimma”

  6. For once, I’m actually speechless! What a beautiful way to capture the magic of these moments!

    Enjoy every minute, every milestone….they go by all too fast…..

  7. Love, love the video- how neat is that! She is adorable and Congrats to both of you!


  8. How wonderful!!! She is Beautiful!!! What a great collection of pictures to capture this milestone in your lives 🙂