Favorite Things 2017

1.  Health Coachmke mindbody wellnessOne of the most important investments I made in my life this year was hiring a health coach.  This is NOT a therapist – that is separate.  This is someone who helps direct your life forward and encourages you to keep that momentum.  It’s not just a relationship with food, or with others, it’s the relationship you have with yourself.  My health coach Kerri Weisoff at Milwaukee MindBody Wellness championed me out of my comfort zone and helped me tap into the parts of myself that really nurture my mind, body, and spirit.  I’m so grateful.




2.  Suja Green JuiceAs you know, I love our juicer!  But when I need a quick green juice, I reach for this one.  You can grab an entire cleanse for under $50.  If you like it, get the big bottles at Target;)





3.  Pure Barre ClassesI’ve been doing Pure Barre dvds on my own for years, but this year I treated myself to the studio sessions and I LOVE it!  Not only do they give you personalized encouragement, you also get the position corrections that you just don’t get with the videos;)





4.  Infrared SaunaSuffering from seasonal affect disorder?  Try a sauna session at a wellness studio, or buy one. Here is one like we purchased – for more room! (A cheaper version here:).  We used to have an old school one in our last house (heated rocks), but this year we bought an infrared one and it’s on an entirely different level of detoxing.  Infrared bakes you from within, rather than traditional saunas that bake you from the outside.  Seriously, I don’t sweat, I ‘glow’, but this sauna makes me drip in detoxing sweat!  Yes!




5.  Loving Kindness Meditation

Another cue taken from my health coach…  At first, meditation made me uncomfortable because I am so fast paced.  This new exercise has really helped shape me for the better.  I actually enjoy listening to them in the sauna.




6.  Loreal Longwear Lipstick

My fabulous friend gave me a bunch of lipsticks and I was so surprised by this one!  It lasts as long as my coveted (and unfortunately discontinued) MAC pro longwear and it’s a third of the cost!  I get lots of compliments on my color 107!





I love me some hip hop.  So it’s no surprise that I fell in love with this series. The soundtracks are free to stream on Amazon Prime!  This is my fav and so is this one featuring ‘Drip Drop’.  So check out the 1st bingeworthy season and if you like it as much as I did, also check out the spinoff show from Empire, called ‘STAR’.




8.  Dave Ramsey

I remember syndicating Dave Ramsey for AM620 WTMJ back in my late night radio days.  I loved what he had to say then about money and have used his principles since.  Definitely get the book!  I’m really loving his station that airs on Sirius XM’s online version – totally worth the extra cost to buy the internet version in addition to your car access.  It works with Alexa too  (now only $30!) – bonus!





I’ve used this books on tape app SO much this year.  One of my favorite books is THE 5 SECOND RULE.  This book will change your life.  If there are things you never have time to do or procrastinate, or keep telling yourself ‘someday’ – this book is for you!  5,4,3,2,1 is something I find myself doing every day now.  Such an incredible book to get on Audible and listen to while you work out or walk the dogs:)




10.  Benefit Brow Pencil

My Mom and I are always looking for the best brow pencil/pomade/wax/etc.  This pencil is a game changer!  The difference with this pencil is that you are able to make the most skinny strokes and it really looks like hair!  It’s more natural than just filling them in with other products.  Seriously, I just stocked up on 4 of them with my Sephora coupons!  For a more dramatic/evening look, I like to add the brow volumizing fiber.  Deepens the tone, while still looking natural and translucent.




11.  Pit Paste

There are SO many harmful chemicals in your deodorant.  After trying a few ‘safe’ ones (and NO, Tom’s brand is NOT safe), this works THE BEST!  Especially for someone who pits-out like I do.  Seriously, THE BEST!   Pit Paste is for men and women.  My favorite is the Lavender, but they also have a Coconut Lime I can’t wait to try!  Not sure when that will be though because this stuff LASTS FOREVER!  I’m not kidding, I’ve had my stick for months!!!!!  Amazing product!  Amazing!




12.  Mate Factor Tea

As you know, I am a huge proponent of organic foods.  Tea is actually one of THE most important foods to buy organic.  Know why?  Because non-organic tea is not rinsed when processed.  So you literally are injesting all of the nasty chemicals.  It’s basically like drinking round-up.  SICK!  So of all organic teas, this is our new fav – Mate Factor.  Steven’s Nana introduced us to the brand and I can’t explain it better than to say the flavor is just incredible.  Truly ALL natural and good for you.  The Digestive tea is the best, but we also love the Ginger Tumeric & Mocha Mint after dinner – so yummy!!!!