Auntie Mares

We never go a day without being thankful for the job that we have.  Being able to freeze a moment, a memory in time; something you can always look back on and remember just like it was yesterday.  When we have the opportunity to do this for our family it just doesn’t get much better.  My Auntie Mares is a very special person in my life.  I even coined her infamous nickname, Mares.  (Because I couldn’t say (or didn’t want to say) Mary).  I’ve actually been after her to have a portrait taken for years, so I was absolutely elated when she finally decided to do a session with us.  To capture her beauty and infectious laugh was an honor.  Mares = JOY.  Mom and Mares have been best friends for as long as I can remember and the three of us have made some pretty awesome memories together over the years.  Having traveled across the Midwest and even Europe (while living in Belgium), we have shared a TON of incredible (and often extremely hilarious) experiences.  Experiences that have shaped me into the woman I am today.  Auntie Mares, you are as sweet and as funny as they come.  I’m so lucky to have you as my Aunt and I know my Mom treasures you as a sister.  Of course, it goes with out saying that you are loved by all who know you.  You are so very, very special.  Love you.  Always, Sarah


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