The King

Memories of special moments/people can sometimes fade over time.  That’s why photographs have such an important role in our lives.  A photograph can immediately transport you to that moment, that feeling, that person, that special friend that gave you so much joy.  About three years ago we lost our dog Dollie.  She was so precious to us and left a very large hole in our hearts.  Luckily we were able to have a mini photo shoot with her before she passed.  I was so thankful for those images and all of the images we had captured throughout the years.  Whenever I miss her I can reminisce over the photos.  It’s a comfort everyone deserves.  So, when I noticed my Dad and Lee’s dog King having some health challenges, I wanted to be sure some of their special moments with Kinger were captured.  Since King is over 14 years old and has given so much love to our family I couldn’t think of a more suitable thing to do to honor his memory.
Dad and Lee, I hope that these images bring you comfort and peace in the future.  Comfort in knowing what a great dog he was, comfort in knowing how happy he was with both of you, and comfort in never forgetting just how special he always will be.  Love you. Always, Sarah

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