Braun Family Reunion

2014-08-24_0001 2014-08-24_0002 2014-08-24_0003 2014-08-24_0004 2014-08-24_0005 2014-08-24_0006 2014-08-24_0007 2014-08-24_0008 2014-08-24_0009We were so delighted when my pal from high school, Michelle, called on us to capture her family reunion at her Grandmother’s cottage this summer.  It was clear, after looking at the many photos that hung across the walls of the cottage that their family shared so many wonderful memories there. It was an honor to learn about the history of such a special place and the special woman that everyone loves so much.
2014-08-24_0010Special thanks to Michelle!  It was so great to see you again.  Both Steven and I really enjoyed getting to know your sweet family and documenting the love shared.  Thank you so much. Always, Sarah