Brooke’s Birthday

Brooke has been my bestie since highschool!  Being the ‘new kid’ is never easy, especially as a freshman – but Brooke definitely made it easier for me.  I’ve appreciated her love and support throughout all of these years and just couldn’t help but want to capture a little piece of what makes her so special.  She is, by far, one of the most doting and loving aunts I’ve ever met.  Her niece and nephew are so important to her and it shows.  Same goes for her friendships.  See the gifts on the table???  Those are for her friends – on HER BDAY!   That’s just Brookie and only a few of the reasons she is the BEST.  Happy Birthday Brookie!  Love you gurrrrl 😉

The Nelsons

2015-12-10_0001 2015-12-10_0002 2015-12-10_0003 2015-12-10_0004 2015-12-10_0005 2015-12-10_0006 2015-12-10_0007 2015-12-10_0008 2015-12-10_0009 2015-12-10_0010 2015-12-10_0011
We were so delighted when our friends wanted to introduce us to their newest addition to the family.  Little Nathan is just as sweet as pie.  He truly is a real life teddy bear!

Congrats to the Nelsons!  We simply adore you and your little angels.

I love you beautiful Dori!  -Sarah 🙂

Special Delivery

A package arrived yesterday addressed to our pups, “Mona & Monty”.  To our surprise, there were two custom dog beds enclosed with gourmet dog treats!!!  These are not just ordinary dog beds…  Sarah’s spectacularly crafty sister in law, Debbie, hand made these fabulous creations for our fur babies.  We couldn’t be more grateful.  They are are extremely soft and comfy – Sarah had to try it out herself:)   Thank you so much Debbie.  You are so thoughtful and creative.  We love you.