Kreitzer Bump

This past Wednesday we braved the heat with AnnMarie and Greg – our most recent parents to be – to get some shots before their bundle of joy arrives. We can’t wait to meet him… or her. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Kreitzer Bump

  1. It was SUCH a hot day but you made it fun for us and Chippy! We are loving the photos and really enjoyed our session with you!

    Thank you –
    The Kreitzer’s and Chip

  2. What love is expressed for this couple for each other in the pictures. The baby will be very fortunate to grow up in this home. Great work as usual. Love, Dad

  3. Aww, the pictures are beautiful!! Chippy is getting so big…I know these were about the baby, but I miss Chip!! I love the last one at the pregnancy center…classy Ibis, classy!!! Miss you guys!! Can’t wait to see you guys & meet the new kid! 🙂 Love, Kitty