Just like her sister Kaitlyn, Kari shines in front of the camera.  With her love and penchant for fashion, shooting this young lady was pure fun.  She even managed to make the mundane backdrop of Hartford seem hip and cool.  We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Kari.  Best of luck in all of your endeavors.  A special thanks to Kristy (mom) for introducing us to two amazing young ladies.

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Jahnke Family

Working with the Jahnke’s again for their family Christmas session was a blast.  Getting the chance to run around with the boys definitely brings out the inner child in us – especially Steve.  Seeing the delight and excitement in their eyes when asking them about their list for Santa reminds us how wonderful it was to be a kid on Christmas.  Jenny did a great job as always of coordinating the clothing for the men in her life.  The winter hats were the perfect addition for the boys as well as the battery powered LED Christmas lights.  The session wouldn’t have been possible without Ebert’s Greenhouse Village in Ixonia. Ebert’s has such beautiful grounds and the staff are extremely generous and accommodating every time we’ve had the pleasure of bringing a family by for a shoot. We wish the Jahnke’s a Merry Christmas and hope Santa brings all the motorbikes and go-carts a young boy could imagine.



It’s hard to believe in less than a span of a year since we first met Chelsea. We’ve had the pleasure getting to know not only her but also her wonderful parents Kristin and Tim. At six months old this little gal is just adorable and a real trooper. In spite of the cool brisk evening, Chelsea opted for an ensemble that reflected her love of all things cute and pink. We love working with this family as they grow and travel the journey of life. Special thanks to Kristin’s parents for allowing us the use of their beautiful home and stunning landscape to capture these images.

Patty + Ryan

Even though our associates had the privilege of shooting Patty and Ryan’s nuptials, with the great images they captured we felt as if we were there. From the yellow socks the groomsmen wore to the intricate detail of Patty’s dress, everything about their day reflected the beauty and love the couple share for each other. Though the rain threatened to dampen some of the locations chosen for their wedding portraits, our associates made the best of it in a minutes notice. We’re extremely happy for the newlyweds and wish them success in the new life they have created. A special thanks to our associates for such wonderful work.



And so it’s come to this.  Three hundred and sixty-five days.  Three hundred and sixty-five posts of images.  Were they inspired by the divine entity of art?  Some perhaps.  Others were captured in a lazy fit akin to a high school student trying to finish a class project at the last minute.  The purpose was merely to capture some image, be it riveting or revolting, everyday for a year.  What have I learned from the project?  Well, that will all be addressed in the book I will be compiling of all the images and postings – stay tuned for the announcement!  Until then, thanks for all of your comments and time you’ve spent viewing my images and reading the accompanying ramblings.

Here’s to another trip around the Sun and the projects and paths we propel ourselves on.



Step One:  We admitted we were powerless over our addiction and our lives had become unmanageable.

I lose large amounts of time.  I wander the forest at a snails pace.  I cannot be contacted for hours on end and forget where I’ve been.  I avoid pertinent questions like, “Where were you?”  And answer, “I can’t tell you.”  No I haven’t been on a alcohol fueled binge or searching for smack on the mean streets of Hartford.  I am addicted to the Morel and all things surrounding its short appearance in the Spring.

This bounty was used in an original pasta dish.  I sauteed the morels in a mixture of olive oil, butter, and white wine.  In the resulting reduction I cooked the shrimp, parsley, and cherry tomatoes, tossing in the morels and pasta right before the shrimp were done (overcooked shrimp may be the worst thing in the world apart from war, famine, and pestilence).  Top it all off with some shaved Romano and pair it with parmesan roasted artichoke hearts and a soon-to-be vintage Charles Shaw Nouveau red and you have a meal that rivals Chef Boyardee’s Beefaroni.




The first of several celebrations for the lovely Sarah.  Happy birthday Sarah.  Like a good wine, you get me light headed, woozy, and at a loss for words in the presence of your beauty.