Favorite Things 2019

 Nespresso Evoluo

Our dear friend Kate treated us to this incredible machine and we have fallen in love with it.  It makes a crazy good cup of joe that rivals any coffee shop. Make sure you get the milk frother for those almond milk lavender lattes –> my fav!




Be a traveler, not a tourist!  Part of that journey is living like a local and there is no better way than staying in the home of a local resident.  We love to travel this way.  So much so, we have become super-hosts to a few vacation rentals of our own.  Check ’em out or sign up HERE!


Blonde Batiste

This is my favorite dry shampoo.  It’s amazing… especially to lighten dark blonde roots.  Also avail for brunettes.





This year I finally discovered The Real Housewives series from BRAVO.  I don’t have cable, so I watch it on Hulu (commercial free – yesssssss)  I’ve binged through Bev Hills, the OC, and NYC.  But my favorite, BY FAR, are my girls from Atlanta!  They keep it real and I love their fashion.  Plus, NeNe and Phaedra have the best quotes.




Dog-sitting has become something we really enjoy.  Especially since losing our boy Monty in October.  If you love pets too, but don’t want to commit to adopting a pet, Rover.com is an amazing opportunity to host doggie day care and overnight stays in your own home.  Please sign up through my link HERE!



This scaffolding is a game changer for anyone who is remodeling a home.  Much easier to maneuver than a ladder.  I just can’t imagine cutting-in anymore without it.  (Thanks again Steven! 🙂


Teal Roller Skates

I used to love roller skating as a kid… so why not give it another whirl 30 years later?  While I’m not quite up to ‘speed’ on all of the tips and tricks I used to know, I’m still trying and having fun.  After a bunch of research, trying several different styles, etc… these were the winner!  They are super comfortable, fashionable, solid in construction, AND at a great price.  I added red laces to mine;)


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