Underwood 50th Anniversary

0001This is a very special anniversary celebration that we captured in Nebraska for Mr. Mike Underwood of Underwood Events. Be sure to check out the images from the Underwood farmstead on our travel blog SpottedAbroad.com.

Once again, congratulations to Linda & Jack on such an incredible milestone!2016-11-14_0030 2016-11-14_0031 2016-11-14_0032 2016-11-14_0033 2016-11-14_0034 2016-11-14_0035 2016-11-14_0036 2016-11-14_0037 2016-11-14_0038 2016-11-14_0039 2016-11-14_0040 2016-11-14_0041 2016-11-14_0042

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