Lizzie + Nick

Oh. My. Gosh.  My sister is engaged!!!  Since day one, we all knew that Nick was different.  From the way Liz spoke about him, to the looks that she and Nick would exchange, it was just very special.  He brings out the best in my sister and we all couldn’t be happier to have him join our family.  Of course Steven and I jumped at the opportunity to capture their love.  So we headed down to the historic third ward of downtown Milwaukee, with ‘her little dog too’. Lizzie’s dog, Chewy, was along for the ride despite the harsh winter winds —> notice below how Steven took care of that!  We all had a blast together.  Our cheeks hurt afterwards, not from the cold, but rather from all of laughs we had shared during the shoot.  It truly was a treasure working with them.  Congrats on your engagement Lizzie & Nick.  Here’s to a fantastic wedding and marriage ahead.  Nick, I’m so happy that you came along and swept my little sister off her feet.  Liz, I’m so honored to be your photographer, sister, friend… and MAID OF HONOR!  Woot!  Woot!  Love you.  -Sarah

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3 thoughts on “Lizzie + Nick

  1. Beautiful as always! Congratulations Lizzie 🙂

  2. Sarah I was there for your beautiful wedding to Stephen and wished someday that she would find the love you both share, well she found her Prince!! Woo Hoo!! The photos are so special, I couldn’t be more happy for you all, I can’t wait to meet Nick and for the wedding, love you all!!