Maggie + Charlie

Remember this adorable couple from this summer? Our associates Jenna & Chris have done it again, captured a very special day with beautiful images.

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7 thoughts on “Maggie + Charlie

  1. They are simply stunning. I cannot wait to see ALL of them!!!

  2. Jenna and Chris, You so beautifully captured the spirit and love of these 2 wonderful adults. I am so happy and absolutely LOVE the photos. Can’t wait to see the rest.

  3. Dear Maggie and Charlie,
    You looked so peaceful and so happy! The photos are spectacular!
    Young love is a special gift. Be grateful every morning when you wake up together.
    Sorry I couldn’t be there. I needed to be here is California with the kids.
    You’re always welcome to visit.
    Much Love,
    Holly, Jack and Tess

  4. Jenna and Chris

    Pat Seeler shared how beautiful the pictures were and what a great job you all had done. She is right ! These are so lovely and alive. They look so happy and relaxed, as it should be on their special day. Captured so elegantly and the music draws you in to their love.

  5. I can’t tell you how happy we are with the pictures. Chris, Jenna – you’ve been amazing. So many people told us how impressed they were with you, and we can’t agree more. The pictures are lovely and so are you two. Steven and Sarah, thank you for everything!