Brooke + Ryan

We always jump at the chance to capture our engaged couples in surroundings that speak to who they are.  These places often tell a personal or familial history that has shaped individuals lives and directed their paths to this very moment.  The landscape often becomes sacred ground and holds an almost equal importance to our shoots as does our subjects.  So, when we learned that Brooke and Ryan wanted to have us over to Ryan’s family farm for their engagement session we were ecstatic.  Not only did we get a personal tour of the farm with two tour guides who couldn’t keep their hands off each other, we got a chance to make some new furry friends.  Apart from the significance of the farm to Brooke and Ryan, it provided some perfect locations that left us jockeying for best camera position.  A backdrop is nothing without the subject however.  Though slightly nervous and apprehensive at first (who isn’t with two cameras and two boisterous photogs in their face directing them to “act natural”) Brooke and Ryan warmed up quickly and had no reserve showing the camera the love and connection they share with each other and with the places that have made them who they are.  Luckily we were able to capture everything we wanted before a serious storm rolled in.  As we said our goodbyes until next spring, the heavens opened up and a giant watering can came down from above drenching the farm with life giving water – as well as anyone not inside their vehicle (Steve).

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