Working with a fresh face is always a joy!  So when our pal Natalie referred her little sister to us, we were excited to work with her.  I know what you’re thinking… she looks like a model.  Well, that’s because she actually is a model!  We had a blast capturing some images, not just for her portfolio, but also as a 2014 graduate.  Best wishes to you Danika.  We know you’ll go far in whatever path you choose:)

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Since we’ve known and worked with Seth’s dad, Scott, for several years we were more than excited when he asked if we could shoot his son’s senior session.  Though we’ve met Seth on numerous occasions we never had much of a chance to get to really know him.  Last Sunday we got that chance while hanging out exploring all our favorite photo locations in the Third Ward.  We had a feeling the session would be awesome when Seth pulled up in his Jeep with his rolled up – popped collar blazer and white wayfarers.  Tres cool.  We loved his style in an instant and were highly impressed with this young gentleman – easy going, confident, and extremely polite (he even laughed at Sarah’s jokes).  And with his skills in the classroom and on the lacrosse field, Seth is bound for success in this new step in his life.  Kudos to such an awesome dad – Scott, you have a great kid.  Of course, apples don’t fall far from the tree!

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Just like her sister Kaitlyn, Kari shines in front of the camera.  With her love and penchant for fashion, shooting this young lady was pure fun.  She even managed to make the mundane backdrop of Hartford seem hip and cool.  We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Kari.  Best of luck in all of your endeavors.  A special thanks to Kristy (mom) for introducing us to two amazing young ladies.

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Every summer we look forward to our late evening sessions with our high school seniors. Since having the pleasure of knowing Nate and his family for almost two years now, we were extremely excited to shoot his senior session.  After talking with Nate about his different activities and interests we were able to craft an incredible session specifically around who he is.  Being such an easy going, extremely photogenic, and a great all around young man (sounds very parental when we write it down, Steve wanted to say “dude”), we had a blast hanging out and getting to know about his plans and aspirations for when he bids adieu to high school.  With perfect weather, a very cool wardrobe, and several carefully chosen props, several hours of shooting ended before we knew it.  We wish all the best to Nate in every endeavor he encounters in this new step in life.

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It’s great working with past clients again.  Hard to believe it’s already been two years since we first worked with Billy.  We captured him along with his younger brother Here.  During this shoot we enjoyed hearing about Billy’s love of music and travel.  His trip to Alaska sounded amazing!  Reminded us of our own trip, Here and Here.  Best wishes to you Billy – this last year of high school and beyond!



Like many of our seniors, Emily didn’t want the “same old” traditional senior portraits.  The ideas she provided along with several props she brought helped create the perfect ambiance for a uniquely personal senior session.  Emily was extremely easy to work with and had an innate sense of how to pose for the camera.  We are excited to see where life takes her after school.  Enjoy your last year of high school Emily. 🙂


I absolutely love this next series of shots.  Not only is the light the warm and buttery goodness we crave for in a shoot, it’s the best when I can make a client totally burst out laughing – love it!  -Sarah