Ziesemer Family

Steven and I will never forget the day Nina and Geoff walked into our lives… it was a brisk winter’s day at the Washington County Bridal Fair.  Little did we know, we weren’t just getting the honor of documenting this amazing couple’s wedding day, but many, many more of life’s milestones AND getting to share in their beautiful life.  We are so thankful for the friendship that has blossomed over the years with this incredible family. Nina, you are one of my best friends and I am so grateful to have someone like you in my life.  You are an amazing woman!  We love you all so very much.  Always, Sarah + Steven

Wood Ranch

What an incredible experience… while out West to shoot a wedding, our bride and groom invited us to tour the groom’s 80,000 acre family ranch.  We were so honored to capture the history here.  This place is majestic… and EXPLOSIVE!  YeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaw! Special thanks to the Woods for hosting such an amazing day!