Mom’s Surprise Birthday Party

Steven and I would like to send out a special thank you to everyone who made this event extra spectacular.  Mom’s best friends, Robin and Pam, came all the way from sunny Florida despite the cold to surprise their dear friend.  Chrishhh (Chris), my brother and ultimate surprise, flew in from Phoenix to present Mom her cake adorned with sixty-six candles – well not quite sixty six but close.  Ron and Dori graciously gave Mom an incredible banner complete with a hilarious message across the bottom.  Much love to the Pizza Man staff at the Mayfair collection too!  What a wonderful memory to cherish forever:)  We love you Mom.

Our fabulous photographer: Chris Forston, the super cool venue: Pizza Man, the pretty flowers: Costco, the gigantic banner: Signs & Banners Today, and that incredible cake: Sweet Smorgasbord


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One thought on “Mom’s Surprise Birthday Party

  1. How exciting! I was stunned at the surprise and incredibly touched by the incredible effort that went into it! A memory I won’t forget is seeing this wonderful group of friends and relatives from near AND far having come together to celebrate my birthday. And the “surprise” almost gave me a heart attack, and that would have made it my LAST birthday as well! A special thank you to the girls from Florida (Wow). And Chris from Arizona (Wow) and to the daughter who had a dream to surprise her mom on her birthday as only she could do… love you Sarah and big helper Steven… thank you all